3 responses to “Transforming the Vice-Principal’s Office: Leading and Learning Through Collaborative Inquiry with Students”

  1. Linda kaser

    This is a fantastic story that must be read by thousands as it is so inspiring.

  2. Judy Halbert

    Thanks you all so much for this great illustration of the ways in which student power and agency can be deepened and enhanced by applying coherent frameworks with the support of a superb leader. This is a story that will be shared widely. On a personal note, as a former principal at Sands, my heart is full.

  3. David Istance

    Well here is one of the first of the thousands to whom Linda just referred reading from Baltimore. And yes, it is inspiring indeed in so many ways. It is also incredibly warming to see how work that one developed at one time – the OECD learning principles – can mature to find practical application and signficance at another time, in another setting, and with other frameworks (notably Judy and Linda’s Spirals of Inquiry). Keep up the good work and I wish you all well, educators and learners alike!