Alumni Retreat: Creating Communities of Inquiry and Belonging

Dates & Times

Friday, April 19 | 5PM – 7:30PM (dinner provided)
Saturday, April 20 | 9AM – 2PM (lunch and snacks provided)

Registration Fee: $275 CAD

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UBC Vancouver Campus
Ponderosa Commons Oak House | Ponderosa Ballroom* | Map
2075 Lower Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2
*Ponderosa Ballroom is on the lower level of the building.

UBC is very accessible by car, transit and bicycle. The closest parking to Ponderosa Commons Oak House is the West Parkade.

If you are coming from out of town and require accommodation, you may want to consider staying on UBC Campus. You can contact UBC accommodations directly for bookings.

Event Program

*To be confirmed


Naryn Searcy

(TELP 20-21), Director of Instruction – Learning and Inquiry


Heather Rose headshot

Heather Rose

(TELP 17-18), Director of Student Support Services, SD 53 Okanagan Similkameen

Land Acknowledgement

Lynne Tomlinson headshot

Dr. Lynne Tomlinson

(TELP 15-16), Assistant Dean, UBC Faculty of Education

Keynote Speakers

Alan J. Daly, Ph. D

Professor & Director of Educational Leadership Doctoral Programs in the Department of Education Studies, University of California, San Diego

Dr. Alan Daly’s research and teaching are influenced by his 16 years of public school experience in a variety of instructional and leadership roles. His research primarily focuses on the role of social networks, leadership, educational policy, and knowledge mobilization and the relationship between those elements on the educational attainment of traditionally marginalized student populations. In support of that effort, Professor Daly has published over 200 peer reviewed journal articles with the vast majority drawing on social network theory and analysis, five books (Social Network Theory and Educational Change, Using Research Evidence in Schools, Thinking and Acting Systemically: Improving School Districts Under Pressure, and Leading Holistically, and Researching and Enacting Change in Postsecondary education.), and over 250 peer reviewed papers at international conferences. In addition, Professor Daly’s work has been widely supported by national, international, and philanthropic sources focused on transforming educational spaces. He was most recently the Chair of the Department of Education Studies and a Fulbright Global Scholar in New Zealand and South Africa.


nafda |

A group of Lebanese citizens, who refuse to passively accept the situation of disadvantaged school communities, came together to find solutions to the systemic problems that have plagued Lebanon’s education sector. We helped create the space for 20 committed school principals and leadership teams to shape a shared vision with their communities, and to mobilize key school stakeholders (teachers, students, parents, etc.) to begin advancing towards it. They would begin a movement towards cultural change, beginning with transformation journeys despite economic deterioration in the country. A shared vision emerged about what schools in Lebanon have the potential to look like, what values students need to carry with them into their communities and the world at large, and what capabilities they need to leap-frog as 21st-Century learners. Together with local actors in the field, we are building a grassroots movement towards ensuring the survival of schools while attempting to transform the education sector and later, culture in the nation.


Drs. Judy Halbert & Linda Kaser

TELP and NOIIE | Designs for Belonging

Dr. Judy Halbert and Dr. Linda Kaser lead the Transformative Educational Leadership Program at the University of British Columbia. They are deeply committed to achieving equity and quality for all learners and to networking for innovation and improvement across systems. They are the co-authors of Leading through spirals of inquiry for equity and quality (2022), The Spiral Playbook (2017), Spirals of Inquiry (2013), Leadership Mindsets: Innovation and Learning in the Transformation of Schools (2009) and with Helen Timperley, A Framework for Transforming Learning in Schools: Innovation and the Spiral of Inquiry (2014).


  • Time to connect between and across cohorts
  • Presentations from TELP colleagues
  • Social time to meet again, or meet in person for the first time!