TELP Graduates 2016-2017

Meet the Graduates of the 2nd TELP cohort!

We recently caught up with a few of the new graduates to learn about their experiences in this second TELP cohort.

Aaron Akune

037 Delta

I am grateful to have been a part of the TELP cohort and to have had the opportunity to learn with and from some such engaging, inspiring and thoughtful educational leaders. Participating in TELP has been a highly reflective experience and I look forward to exchanging ideas with my new learning network in the future.

Brad Bauman

Assistant Superintendent
037 Delta

TELP provided me with the incredible opportunity to network with educational leaders from around BC and throughout the world. Learning from world-class leaders in education has been inspiring, motivating and vastly informative. TELP has been, and will continue to be, a catalyst for my professional learning over the next several years.

Nicole Braid

037 Delta

The TELP program has provided me with a local, national, international and indigenous perspective on educational systems. This a unique opportunity to create connections with other educators and system leaders and engage in meaningful and fascinating learning. This has been one of the richest learning experiences of my career.

Wendy Briggs

023 Central Okanagan

TELP helped me transform my mind to pursue my passion, persistence and purpose and do what really matters in helping our learners make our world a better place.

Nicole Davey

054 Bulkley Valley

The TEL program allowed me to take the time to invest in my own learning. I was able to learn with and from exceptional leaders in the field who challenged my thinking and inspired me to grow as a leader.

Andrea Davidson

District Principal - Alternative Programs and CommunityLINK
039 Vancouver

TELP is a wonderful professional learning journey. I truly appreciate the opportunity to connect with educators from other districts and contexts around educational transformation. The readings and professional discussions offer a broad perspective of key themes in education and provide an intellectual and practical framework for the work we do.

Brian Davidson

Professional Learning Communities Coordinator
027 Cariboo-Chilcotin

Transformative; powerful; worldview; empowering; challenging; impactful.

Jay Dixon

085 Vancouver Island North

TELP connected me with like-minded leaders from around our province who all share the passion of improving the learning experiences for the most valuable resource in our province; our youth.

Teresa Downs

074 Gold Trail

There are times in our career when we need to invest deeply in our own professional knowledge and understandings to be better able to support, guide and lead. TEL was a rich opportunity to learn from an outstanding colleagues, researchers from across the world and be immersed in current research. I am grateful for the impact TEL has had on my work.

Karen Flello

063 Saanich

I am filled with gratitude to have been part of the 2016-17 TELP cohort and to have had the opportunity to learn from and work with inspirational leaders from around the province and the world. Judy and Linda are wise, thoughtful educators and brilliant connectors; I am honoured to have shared this experience with them and with my TELP colleagues.

Brigette Gerandol

Vice Principal
044 North Vancouver

TELP is the opportunity to take a year and reflect on best practices in education here in BC and around the world with inspirational educators from around our province and the Yukon too. I will miss TELP. The "T" stands for Transformative so be careful, it might just transform you! Thanks to Judy and Linda for a great year!

Nancy Gordon

Assistant Superintendent
037 Delta

The Transformative Educational Leadership Program has been a valuable experience. Having the opportunity (and time) to reflect on current research related to school and district leadership with a learning team from our district has been an incredibly worthwhile luxury!

Barb Hamblett

Principal, Valleyview Secondary School
073 Kamloops/Thompson

The design of the learning environment at TELP was collaborative, embraced individual differences and pushed my thinking in so many ways. The knowledge I gained helped me critically analyze my school and provided me with the tools and the confidence to transform my own system!

Vianne Kintzinger

Assistant Superintendent
023 Central Okanagan

I believe that our cohort, led by Judy and Linda, offered acceptance, support and call to action on educational reform for each member. The TELP sessions, were, without a doubt, one of the most valuable learning experiences that I have ever engaged in. I wholeheartedly recommend this opportunity to any educator looking to be challenged, grow and connect with what is current in education in our province, country and the world.

Deborah Koehn

UNBC Instructor; SD#91 Inquiry Lead Teacher,
091 Nechako Lakes

TELP has lived up to its promise - my thinking and practice as a teacher leader has been transformed. Discussions led by international education leaders have created space for new thinking, but more importantly new actions leading to system change. I am inspired!

Violeta Malfair

Vice Principal
023 Central Okanagan

The Transformative Educational Leadership Program is insightful and thought provoking. It allows participants to share, create and think about how to guide change in their own learning environment and support and serve their students, staff and school community.

John Mann

037 Delta

TELP provided us with an opportunity to meet and network with some of the top minds in education. I found the readings that Judy and Linda provided us were meaningful and relevant to our work as educational leaders. Around my thinking, I was pushed by the readings and conversations that happened during our meetings and highly recommend the program.

Nicole Morgan

ADM, Public Schools Learning Branch
Yukon Government, Dept. of Education

The opportunity to critically and creatively think about the future of education in BC and Yukon with innovative and passionate educational leaders was inspiring! Having access to renowned provincial and international educational leaders was beneficial beyond words. This is the type of learning experience that keeps giving long after it is over!

Niels Nielsen

037 Delta

Developing, challenging, and modelling inquiry-mindedness. The most worthwhile and meaningful educational experience of my career. Thank you.

Jake Schmidt

073 Kamloops/Thompson

The TELP was a tremendous experience, it allowed me to learn about current research and develop a network of educators. I found that the connection with people was the true power of the program. The conversations around learning and innovative practices were inspiring and informative.

Rhona Soutar

Director of Instruction: Instructional Programs
072 Campbell River

TELP was just what I needed to enrich my professional learning. The perfect balance of reading material to stretch my thinking, rich conversations on emerging research, successful educational leaders sharing their work, and reflection to deepen learning. I am grateful for the opportunity to be inspired by amazing educational leaders and colleagues.

Neil Stephenson

Director of Learning Services
037 Delta

I loved my time in TELP! I found it richly rewarding to spend time learning alongside passionate educators from around to province. Thank you Judy and Linda for pushing us with such useful readings and bringing in such incredible guest speakers. My mind was expanded!

Lorraine Taillefer

Yukon schools

My experience was transformative! It was an excellent learning experience with a chance to learn from world wide leaders on specific educational topics. The readings were also thought-provoking and engaging. It was so nice to read new and relevant research. The chance to network with a variety of colleagues from BC was also beneficial.

Marcus Toneatto

053 Okanagan Similkameen

Being a member of the TELP program this year has been the best professional development I have had in my career. Working with a group of dedicated, thoughtful, and inspiring colleagues, along with the guidance, provocative feedback, and brilliance of our instructors and guest speakers has been exceptional.

Angus Wilson

Superintendent of Schools
075 Mission

TELP was a great opportunity to 'come up for air' from the daily work of educational leaders; we could connect, explore topics, and reflect with colleagues on the challenges of our roles with the latest educational research and data. Further, TELP covered vast and varied ground in educational leadership - there was something for everyone.

LeeAnn Yapps

023 Central Okanagan

TELP created meaningful learning opportunities with other educational leaders in a collaborative environment. I really enjoyed reading the current research and engaging in conversation about transforming educational experiences for learners.

Bev Young

Superintendent of Learning/CEO
053 Okanagan Similkameen

TELP was a wonderfully rich opportunity to read, discuss, listen and reflect on the thinking and research of others both within the program as well as provincial and international leaders. We have to create opportunities for ourselves to learn and this was a timely experience for me to take a view from the rafters of my leadership and my district.