Vianne Kintzinger

Vianne Kintzinger

Assistant Superintendent
023 Central Okanagan

Entering into the TELP sessions, my hope was to engage in collaborative learning opportunities with other individuals across our province to form a strong professional learning network. This network would then will allow me to build on my leadership capacity while contributing to a strong provincial system of school and district leaders dedicated to sharing their enhanced knowledge and skills with the teams of leaders that they work with.

On reflection, our TELP sessions were all that I hoped and more!  Often throughout this year, I found myself using my knowledge and understanding, developed and refined in TELP, to dialogue and support our school leaders.  This ensured that learning accomplished in the TELP sessions expanded out to our school district and supported a shift in pedagogy that I am seeing in some of our schools. Further, the TELP sessions supported the development of a common language and understanding on the nature of our teaching and learning context amongst educators across our province. Using this common language, I believe that we use influence to solidify and move our redesigned curriculum forward and continue to work on embedding the First Peoples Principles of Learning in every learning story.

I believe that our cohort, led by Judy and Linda, offered acceptance, support and call to action on educational reform for each member. The TELP sessions, were, without a doubt, one of the most valuable learning experiences that I have ever engaged in. I wholeheartedly recommend this opportunity to any educator looking to be challenged, grow and connect with what is current in education in our province, country and the world.

Lastly, the sessions were fun and certainly involved laughter!