TELP Graduates 2017-2018

Meet the Graduates of the 3rd TELP cohort!

Jacquie Anderson

Mentoring Coordinator and PD chair
071 Comox Valley

TELP has changed the way I see myself as a leader in my district. It has taken my thinking from routine to adaptive, helping me see ways to contribute to my district as it grows as a learning organization. TELP has inspired me to meet change with courage and build connections with others so that as learners we move from good to great, together.

Lisa Carson

Director of Instruction
073 Kamloops/Thompson

TELP has helped me to make room, not only for professional reading, but also for the conversations and work that are a direct result. Our jobs are complex and time is limited. Commitment to a program reframes your time so that you create room for this important part of our work as educators.

Darren Coates

073 Kamloops/Thompson

A high quality program that grants you access to cutting edge regional and global thinkers. Much more relevant than my masters. This will push your thinking.

Carol DeFehr

Principal-Juniper Ridge Elementary
073 Kamloops/Thompson

"Empowerment breeds empowerment." TELP has assisted me as an educator to take brave, bold actions that have led to deeper learning for my students, my staff and myself. I now lead with an inquiry mindset. I am grateful to have networked with educators from across the province. A truly unbelievable experience.

Nevenka Fair

Assistant Superintendent
072 Campbell River

Exceptional designers of innovative learning environments, Linda and Judy created a program that inspired, stretched and deepened my learning around transformational education. This powerful learning experience has given me the confidence and motivation to work with our team to make some Bold Brave actions to benefit all learners in our district

Robyn Gray

Assistant Superintendent
068 Nanaimo-Ladysmith

The Transformative Educational Leadership Program has been an exceptional opportunity to learn and grow as an educational leader. The program provided a foundation for learning which was highly connected to contemporary research and collaborative practice. I now feel confident to lead innovation in our BC public education system.

William Hamblett

Assistant Superintendent
073 Kamloops/Thompson

The TELP program has been an invaluable educational experience in so many ways. It has allowed me to reflect on international research and engage with like minded people from around the province. Personally, I have admired Linda and Judy's thoughtful approach to creating an inclusive and warm learning environment.

Ted Johnson

Director of Learning Services - Equity and Success
037 Delta

TELP has been an inspiring, motivating, and incredible learning experience. The readings are insightful and rich with great research and moving stories. The best part of TELP is the conversations we have with people from all over the province and the guest speakers from all over the world!

Marie-Josée Bédard

Principal, École Belgo Elementary
023 Central Okanagan

TELP was a wonderful year of learning. It was not only a unique opportunity to grow as a leader, but it was also a source of motivation and inspiration pushing me to challenge the status quo, to continue move the learning agenda forward, for myself and for others around me.

Diane Jubinville

District Vice-Principal
037 Delta

Testimonial coming soon.

Jordan Kleckner

District Principal of Learning Technology
023 Central Okanagan

I’ve truly enjoyed all the rich learning and meaningful conversations around brave, bold change in education. Highly recommend taking the program with your admin partner. It has allowed us to take our learning much deeper in our context back in our district.

Jann Kwasnicki

Vice Principal
037 Delta

Being part of this year's cohort in TELP has been amazing. School life is busy and we can lose track of what's most important, making a difference for our students. TELP has given me so many opportunities to delve into rich, meaningful research and inspiring conversations with leaders from all over BC in order to transform our educational system.

Geraldine Lawlor

082 Coast Mountains

The TELP experience provided opportunities to network with passionate educational leaders from around BC and the world. The readings on the latest research along with the thought provoking and inspirational discussions challenged my thinking and will resonate with me both personally and professionally for years to come.

Wendy Macken

Assistant Director, Junior School (JK-7) Crofton House School
None of the above

TELp has been a highlight in my professional learning journey. It offers a space to connect with passionate educators across the province, discuss the latest research, as well as hear from educational leaders within BC and beyond. I have found this experience to be energizing, motivating and inspiring.

Cathy Manson

Principal, Southgate Middle School
072 Campbell River

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with TELP. In particular, I appreciated the perspective offered by cutting edge educational leaders from BC and elsewhere. The readings were relevant to my my daily work and the conversations with colleagues provided both challenge and affirmation during a truly transformational time in education.

Todd Manuel

Assistant Superintendent
067 Okanagan Skaha

TELP has been an amazing experience. I have greatly enjoyed the access to leading educational researchers and their writing, but have found the connections and learning with colleagues from around the province to be the most rewarding part of the program. I am sad to see the program end, but look forward to continuing to learn from my TELP cohort

Vessy Mochikas

District Principal - Inclusive Education
073 Kamloops/Thompson

TELP provided a great balance of learning from proven Educational Leaders, sharing with colleagues and our instructors, as well as insightful readings. The program has provided me with ideas to reflect upon, opportunities to challenge our current practices, as well as inspiration to create equity for all learners in our district.

John Morrone

Vice Principal of Learning Technology
023 Central Okanagan

TELP has helped to charge my curiosity about innovation in teaching and learning. The readings were based on the most current research in the field and it was powerful to learn with our cohort and from other leaders around the province and globe. Most importantly, our learning inquiries were purposeful, authentic and action-oriented.

Heather Rose

School Principal
067 Okanagan Skaha

The UBC TEL program was exactly what I needed as a mid-career professional. It afforded me the opportunity to be connected to and inspired by BC and international educators, system leaders and change makers. The program has both challenged and stretched my thinking regarding the BC education system and my place within it. Thank you TELP!

Darlene Smith

Principal Penfield Elementary School
072 Campbell River

This was an inspiring program to be a part of and I will carry this energy into the final years of my career. There is much work yet to be done. Thank you Judy, Linda, and TELP for the tools to move forward.

Gretchen Vogelsang

Teacher/Department Head: English Language Arts
091 Nechako Lakes

The provocative environment of the TELP program afforded me the freedom to challenge and hone my own pedagogical beliefs as an educator and informal leader to better my practice and contributions to my school and district environments. Exposure to cutting edge theory, and international practice, transformed me as a learner. Brave and Bold!

Ryan Ward

Vice Principal
023 Central Okanagan

The power of TELP is in the opportunity to collaborate and learn alongside passionate educators from across the province. Combine that with Judy and Linda's ability to bring together the latest and most pertinent research and to guide our work through the Spirals of Inquiry, and you have an incredibly valuable and personal learning experience!

Patricia Wilson

037 Delta

Colleen Wood

073 Kamloops/Thompson

It has been wonderful being part of TELP. I have thoroughly enjoyed the focused area of learning, networking with others throughout the province, and the international perspective on education and the call for reform and system change. The guest speakers have been nothing short of inspiring.