One response to “Spirals of Inquiry: Bringing Meaning to Work in Swedish Schools and Municipalities”

  1. Karen Reid

    Hello master educators! (especially to my dear friend Lillemor)
    I am so pleased to read about your new work in the area of professional development.
    As a recently retired school administrator with over 40 year in education, I saw first hand the positive outcomes of implementing what we call- The cycle of Inquiry.
    Teachers defined goals for their personal growth and then worked through a process to strategic plan action steps, assess efforts and collaborate with peers and supervisors for feedback.
    Along with possible academic growth efforts, our state has defined Social/Emotional competencies that enhance teamwork, support staff, student and parental support, as well as offer opportunities to gain multiple perspectives on challenging issues/concerns in the learning process.
    I would love to keep abreast of the Network happenings and in addition, offer insight from a US perspective if desired.
    Best wishes as you continue to support learners throughout the system.
    Dr. Karen A. Reid
    Mentor Principal
    State Ambassador AWSP