2 responses to “School Networks for School Transformation in Catalonia”

  1. Marina Gay

    Dear Begonya,
    thank you very much for your clear and wise explanation of the experience in the networks of Catalonia and Barcelona.
    Your contribution, based on your in-depth experience and knowledge of learning, has been crucial and totally inspiring for the project.
    And I absolutely share your thanks to Judy and Linda, who have certainly brought a lot of light and guidance, both along the way for the educational transformation that we have promoted in Catalonia, and, especially, in the professional and personal development of each one of us.
    The jurney continues, richer, more curious and more accompanied than when started!
    Obre a Traductor de Google

  2. Victoria Ibáñez

    I completely agree with Begonya and Marina. I’m deeply grateful to have been working with them and I declare myself an unconditional fan of the work developed by Drs Judy Halbert and Linda Kasser