3 responses to “Leadership Lessons Learned from COVID”

  1. Judy Halbert

    This is a beautiful article, thoughtful, sensitive and practical. Thanks, Brooke.

  2. Valerie Pollock

    Inspiring, Brooke. You have articulated so clearly what we, as staff, need, and your calm reflective response to your own and others’ feelings of bewilderment, frustration, uncertainty, etc. demonstrates how desperately we need you and others like you in this crucial role. Thank you.

  3. Jean-Ann Stene

    What a joy to read your honest portrayal of such a challenging time for educators and leaders at all levels. Looking for meaning as we face seemingly insurmountable uncertainty gives me hope and solace that our leaders are searching for ways to help.
    Thank you for your discernment of a message that can be steady to create faith, clear to assuage fears and generous to speak to our hearts. You rock Brooke.