TELP Graduates 2015-2016

Meet the graduates of the 2015-2016 Transformative Educational Leadership Program.

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David Barnum

Curriculum/Transitions Coordinator
Sunshine Coast School District, SD 46

Evocative, engaging experiences that connected the cohort to world-class researchers in exploring education system transformation.

Birgitte Biorn

Principal, Westwind Elementary School
Richmond, SD 38

I was very grateful to be part of the TELP cohort and to learn with and from such an exceptional group of leaders. We were engaged in rich and meaningful dialogue and had the opportunity to hear from top educational researchers from around the world. I feel I am part of a network of leaders now and that I will apply what we learned into my work at the school and district level.

D’Arcy Deacon

Principal, Eagle View Elementary School
Vancouver Island North, SD 85

David Eberwein

Deputy Superintendent
West Vancouver School District, SD 45

TELP provided me with an exceptional opportunity to network with educators from around our province, delve into various educational change examples both locally and from around the world, as well as reflect on our own practices and leadership opportunities. It was a great way to spend that time in reflection that we often aren`t able to take in our busy professional lives.

Rosa Fazio

Principal, Norma Rose Point K5 and Middle School
Vancouver School Board, SD 39

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If you want to be in the know about the latest educational research and work with and learn from two of BC’s educational transformative leaders – Linda Kaser and Judy Halbert (and their worldwide network of researchers) – then TELP is for you. I learned so much along with the members of the first cohort and look forward to continued learning through further networking opportunities!

Mal Gill

Assistant Superintendent
Langley School District, SD 35

Diane Graves

Principal of Aboriginal Education
Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows School District, SD 42

TELP lives up to its name! This program has transformed me and further developed my leadership skills. As a result of this incredibly collaborative, cutting edge, local as well as international program, I am confident in my understandings to be a truly effective leader.

Tashi Kirincic

Coordinator of Teacher Mentorship
Delta School District, SD 37

My experiences in TELP were some of the deepest and richest learning opportunities of my life. Being a part of a diverse cohort, the expertly curated reading list, my inquiry project and the learning focused conversations helped connect all of my learning to my work in mentorship.

Julia Leiterman

Secretary-Treasurer and CFO
West Vancouver School District, SD 45

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TELP has given me insight into, and improved understanding of, the transformational goals for public education in BC. I’ve acquired tools and language that translate seamlessly between the educational and the business divisions of school districts. Our exploration of not just what to measure, but how to measure, has brought greater rigor to my work and I’ve gained a better ability to articulate the educational vision of our province.

Paul Lorette

District Principal, Instructional Leadership Team and Learning Rounds
Sea to Sky School District, SD 48

The Transformative Educational Leadership program has been a powerful professional learning experience, thanks to the thoughtful and supportive cohort and to the program leaders, Dr. Judy Halbert and Dr. Linda Kaser. The program has provided a reflective and supportive space for imagining how our school system can best shift from a “schooling” focus to a “learning” focus. I am grateful to all members of the cohort and to Judy and Linda for making the program so impactful and relevant to my professional practice.

Kim Martin

Director of Human Resources
West Vancouver Board of Education, SD 45

TELP provided an enriched experience to dialogue with various levels of education leaders in a collaborative environment.

Brooke Moore

District Principal of Inquiry and Innovation
Delta School District, SD 37

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Margaret Paxton

Principal, McNeely Elementary
Richmond School District, SD 38

TELP provided an opportunity to learn from other systems thinkers, local and international. Through readings, listening to leaders in education tell their stories and participating in reflective conversations with other members of the cohort, I feel that I have deepened and broadened my understanding of what it means to be a principal today.

Jonathan Rever

Assistant Superintendent of Schools
Central Okanagan School District, SD 23

BC’s Public Education system is in the midst of an unprecedented transformation from systems of education to systems of learning that promises to engage each student in relevant, meaningful and personalized learning experiences. With the development of the Transformative Education Leadership Program, the University of British Columbia is leading learning with educational leaders from across the Province to ensure that every student graduates with dignity, purpose and options.

Jamie Robinson

Director of Instruction
Kamloops/Thompson, SD 73

The Transformative Education Leadership program provides educational leaders with the unique opportunity to learn from current research and living case studies from high performing learning systems around the world currently engaged the transformation to strength-based personalized learning. These learning experiences combined with the opportunity to network and learn with outstanding educators from a variety of contexts around the province make the TELP program a necessity for all system level leaders who want to maximize their impact as we work together to create a learning system in public education.

Terry Taylor

Superintendent of Schools
School District 10 (Arrow Lakes)

Pressing pause in one’s busy professional life and taking the time to read, learn, reflect and apply current educational research to practice is the hallmark of TELP. Case studies from provincial leaders, and dialogue with international experts, coupled with first rate leadership by Drs. Halbert and Kaser, position this program as an inspiring catalyst to transforming learning not only in one’s own district context, but in making a difference in learning systems across BC.

Lynne Tomlinson

Director of Instruction
West Vancouver School District, SD 45

The TELP program provides a rich networking space for educational leaders. Most exciting, is the opportunity to connect with international researchers and develop a new provincial network for future learning.