Student Voice for Greater Equity

Transformative Educational Leadership Journal | ISSUE: Fall 2022

In this video, Mia Moutray shares artwork she painted to tell the story of her thinking about how leadership can make space for youth agency in the work of equity. This visual walk through the Spiral of Inquiry integrates values and goals of equity in a uniquely powerful way. 

By Mia Moutray

Student voice has always been important to me. During my learning in TELP last year, I started thinking more deeply about the voices that are quiet, hesitant, or silent. What efforts are we as educators making to move learners from showing up to class, to feeling safe, to feeling brave? How do we create spaces for more diverse voices to be heard in decision making? Digging into curiosity to cultivate equitable learning environments where all feel a sense of belonging needs to be our priority.

Mia Moutray

Vice Principal

A grateful Swedish immigrant now living, learning and growing on the traditional and unceded territory of Saik'uz First Nation | TELP 2022 Grad | Vice Principal at EBUS Academy (online learning) | Former Middle Years teacher | Passionate about nature, well-being, travelling and reading | Curious about Indigenous knowledge and perspectives and the connections between belonging and learning | Love waking up early, having a cup of quality espresso and easing into each day in a good way.