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Twice a year the Transformative Educational Leadership (TEL) Journal publishes articles by TELP graduates that share stories of transformative educational practices, positively influence discourse among practitioners and scholars, and support educational transformation in the service of every student in BC and the Yukon.

Spring 2024 Issue

Read here the latest articles written by our TELP graduates.


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In a highly nuanced narrative, Naomi invites us to consider emotional leadership from a storied lens. Naomi demonstrates how we must first understand our own stories of self in order to create space and hold compassion for the stories of others, especially when it is hard.
In order to walk with intention and live up to her values, Deena relies on a set of tools she designed specifically to help her navigate nuanced and tricky situations. These tools encourage thoughtful action and decision-making so as not to default to perpetuating the systemic inequities inherent in our systems' design.
Just when Lys had given up on school as a grade 10 student, one curious and compassionate teacher opened up an entirely new pathway to her. Curl up with the story of how Lys ended up a school principal, despite nearly dropping out of school herself.
Read how one school found a digital storytelling tool to positively influence cultural capital and compassion beyond place and identity, shift stereotypes and prejudices, connect students internationally on a values-based level, and reflect on commonalities in a global context.
In this narrative exploration of the power and legacy of storytelling, Geoff shares candid stories of his own learning throughout a powerful inquiry into relationship building with the sna'naw'as, the Nanoose First Nation.