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  • A Weaving of Equity

    A Weaving of Equity

    Join Indigenous Educator and Leader Heidi Wood in a video of her sharing a shawl she wove as a physical act of her learning and reflections from TELP. In creating this piece, Wood models her own learning and offers an invitation to us to consider how we might best engage authentically in equity work.

  • Student Voice for Greater Equity

    Student Voice for Greater Equity

    In this video, Mia Moutray shares artwork she painted to tell the story of her thinking about how leadership can make space for youth agency in the work of equity. This visual walk through the Spiral of Inquiry integrates values and goals of equity in a uniquely powerful way.

  • Reconceptualizing for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

    Reconceptualizing for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

    In this article, Sherri Roche examines our own and our system’s propensity for change in dealing head on with the human tendency to stay where things feel comfortable rather than integrate diverse ways of being and lean into the pause of curiosity.

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